Home Away from Home

LifeWays Care of Children and Families

Cynthia Aldinger and Mary O'Connell



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It is with heartfelt joy that we offer Home Away from Home to you, a book we’ve been hoping would be written for many years.  The authors have been guiding lights in LifeWays early childcare – offering insight, training, and leadership-by-example (the very best kind!) for many years.  Now that they have published Home Away from Home, the heart of what they teach and know is available to everyone who wants it, even if they can’t get to a seminar.  This is simply the most complete, intimate, alive portrait of Steiner-inspired childcare that is available.

Whether you are a childcare provider or a parent of young children, there is a wealth of information, inspiration, support, and instruction between its covers.  Everyone who works and cares for young children will find that it is a well of resources that will never run dry no matter how often you turn to it.

You’ll find wonderful child development information, beautiful examples of others who are offering warm and loving care in their homes, including an abundance of black and white photos that show how to create these environments for young children and what daily life looks like within them.  You’ll also find discussion about licensing, parent relationships, and the business of caring for the children of others on a daily basis.

Altogether, this is one of the most potent books ever written.  We believe it will change the face of childcare everywhere it is read.


  • What is LifeWays child care?
    • LifeWays Principles of Caring for Children at Home and in Child Care
    • Best Practices in the Care of Young Children
    • A Word about Mixed Ages
  • The Many Faces of LifeWays
    • LifeWays of Wisconsin
    • Marcy Andrews’ Home Program
    • LifeWays Child Care Society
    • Spindlewood
    • The Orchard
    • Rainbow Bridge LifeWays Program
  • Other Facets of LifeWays
    • What is LifeWays Parent-Child Playgroup?
    • What is LifeWays Forest Kindergarten?
    • What is LifeWays Preschool?
    • What is LifeWays Parenting?
  • Home Away from Home – Rhythms, Routines, and the Living Arts
    • Rhythms and Routines
    • Environments
    • Examples of the Living Arts from Daily Life
  • Finding Your Colleagues
    • Characteristics of a LifeWays Caregiver
    • Characteristics of a LifeWays Director
    • Characteristics of a LifeWays Cook
    • Characteristics of a LifeWays Preschool Teacher, Forest Kindergarten Teacher, and Parent-Child Playgroup Leader
  • Protections: The Safety and Health of Children in Relationship-based Care
    • Safety
    • Health
  • Creating Your Community of Care
    • Is LifeWays for Every Child?
    • Is LifeWays for Every Parent?
    • What Are Some of the Blessings of Creating a Community in Your Program for Children?
    • Does Community Just Happen or Do You Work to Create It?
    • Are There Any Challenges to Creating and Sustaining Community?
    • How Does Your Community Come Together to Celebrate Festivals?
  • Regulatory Bodies and Professional Support
    • State Licensing
    • Municipalities and Zoning
    • Professional Support
  • Business Questions
    • The Business Plan
    • Funding
    • Systems
  • Supporting You in Your Work – LifeWays North America
    • History
    • LifeWays Training
    • LifeWays Membership
    • A Word about Advocacy

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