AHE News – April 2006 – Parenting in the New Millennia



  • President’s Message
  • Parenting in the New Millennia – Excerpts from a talk given for parents at the Micahel Hall Steiner School in England, May 2002 – Paula Moraine
  • Building a Relationship with Parents – Connie Helms, M.Ed.
  • Making a Difference Conference #2 – The Integrity of the Extra Lesson – July 23 thru July 28, 2006
  • Interview with a Parent by Connie Helms
  • Conscious Parenting – Notes from a Parent Workshop Led by Gail Parker, Ph.D – edited by Mary Jo Oresti and Candyce Sweda
  • Books to Recommend for Parents – Connie Helms, M.Ed.

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