Flash the Sheepdog

Kathleen Fidler



When I was young, I think I must have read every single dog story available, from the classics like Lassie Come Home to modern stories like Champion Dog, Prince Tom and much more. I loved dogs then and now and think there is indeed something very special about the bonds human beings and dogs can form, and about the nature of the various breeds. Fascinating stuff, great for growing up on.

Flash is a book I would have loved at that time, a terrific story that combines all sorts of knowledge about dogs, sheep, farms and life itself. I so enjoy knowing that children in our day can be introduced to the joys of rambling along the hillside with a good dog at one’s side.


Tom Stokes is an orphan. His sister is going to America to get married—but where can he go? They remember an uncle and aunt they scarcely know living in the borders of Scotland. After the city bustle of London, Tom finds his uncle’s farm barren and lonely. How can he adjust to such a life? Help comes in the form of a sheepdog puppy, and his loneliness is quickly forgotten as Tom realizes the dog is his to love and train—maybe to be a champion!

And so begins his adventurous and challenging life on the hill farm with his new friend Elspeth and sheepdog Flash. Then his sister writes that Tom can come and live with her in America, and he is faced with the most difficult decision of his life…

(Ages 6-9)

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