The Esoteric Meaning of Raphael’s Paintings

The Philosophy of Composition in The Disputa, The School of Athens, The Transfiguration

Giorgio I Spadaro

Includes full-color plates of each painting as well as black-and-white line drawings



Step into three of Raphael’s most well-known and also most complex paintings and discover the artist’s language that reveals deep truths and relationships both human and divine. Just a glance at any of these paintings quickly reveals that geometry plays an enormous role in the composition, but Spadaro goes well beyond the superficial concept of “balance of composition” to reveal that each degree of placement and it’s counterparts carry a deep, often sacred, message to humanity. And he does much more than even this (as if this weren’t enough!): He identifies each and every character in these paintings that are so filled with people, introduces us to their story and then paints with his words and drawings the infinitely rich tapestry that their lives contribute, in just that very spot, at just that very moment, to the sum total that each marvelous painting then becomes.

This book is a joy – the work of a master about the work of a master.

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