Egyptian Myths and Mysteries

Lectures by Rudolf Steiner



This unique series of lectures leads to an understanding of the progression from Egyptian spiritual perception to the mystery of Golgotha. In Egyptian Myths And Mysteries, Rudolf Steiner emphasizes the astonishing and special relationship between our own time and that of ancient Egypt -—how, in the natural rhythm of the ages, the so-called third Post-Atlantian (Egyptian) epoch is mirrored by the fifth (present) epoch. In this sense, it is particularly relevant to look today with fresh eyes at ancient Egypt. The evolution of Western civilization has been permanently influenced by Egyptian myths by way of the Greek mysteries.

Due to other influences, however, this heritage has degenerated —thinking has “mummified,” and myth has all but disappeared. It has become necessary in our time, therefore, to revive the seed of goodness passed down to us from ancient Egypt. Through true imagination, we have the task of renewing human knowledge of the creative forces in nature, as the Egyptians attempted through the Osiris-Isis myth, and the Greeks through the myth of Demeter. This is what Rudolf Steiner attempts in this lecture cycle. Steiner discusses experiences of Egyptian initiations, esoteric anatomy and physiology, the stages of evolution of the human form, and much more. The final lecture is on the Christ impulse as the conqueror of matter.

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