Rudolf Steiner Education – Pocket Book Series (Clouder)

Rudolf Steiner


An excellent anthology of some of Steiner’s best lectures and essays on education. Selected by one of England’s most highly regarded Waldorf teachers.

  • A Social Basis for Education
  • The Spirit of the Waldorf School
  • Educational Methods Based on Anthroposophy
  • The Child at Play
  • Teaching from a Foundation of Spiritual Insight and Education in the Light of Spiritual Science
  • The Adolescent after the Fourteenth Year
  • Science, Art, Religion and Morality
  • The Spiritual Grounds of Education
  • The Role of Caring in Education
  • The Roots of Education and the Kingdom of Childhood
  • Address at a Parents’ Evening
  • Education in the Wider Social Context
  • Afterword
  • Notes

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