Education for Special Needs – Rudolf Steiner

The Curative Education Course

Rudolf Steiner

12 Lectures by Rudolf Steiner


NOTE: This title is out of print. It has been replaced by Education for Special Needs – 2nd Edition

From Nancy:
In 1924, Rudolf Steiner gave a course for teachers and doctors on working therapeutically with children and adults with special needs. The diagnostic insights are based upon a quality of clear observation and biographical understanding that allows the practitioner to see the patient as whole, not as a collection of symptoms. The recommended therapies range from medical remedies to therapeutic exercises and serve to underscore the often overlooked relationships between body, soul and spirit. Though highly accessible, this volume also promises a lifetime’s exploration to those who are interested.

From the Publisher:
In 1924, attitudes toward people with special needs were radically different than they are today. That year, a small group of teachers and doctors recognized the need for change this area of education and asked Rudolf Steiner for this seminal lecture course as a fresh basis for renewing their work.

Many decades later, the movement he inspired has grown enormously, with hundreds of homes around the world for both children and adults with special needs. Revolutionary in its approach, the far-reaching perspectives of this course remain a living source of inspiration to those in this field who are cultivating a spiritual approach.

Steiner describes various polarities of illnesses and derives therapies from a comprehensive analysis. He considers individual cases in great detail and offers suggestions for therapeutic exercises and medical treatment. Throughout the course Rudolf Steiner gives valuable advice for the development of the educator’s own capacities.

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