Education and Modern Spiritual Life

The "Ilkley Course"

Rudolf Steiner

(same lecture content as the new printing titled A Modern Art of Education)


We think these lectures are among the richest Steiner every gave about education. This is the lowest priced edition of this series of lectures, and we’re hoping many people will take the opportunity of becoming familiar with them.

In this fine introduction to Waldorf education, written out of a series of lectures given in 1924, Steiner provides one of the most comprehensive introductions to his pedagogical philosophy, psychology, and practice. Steiner begins by describing the union of science, art, religion and morality, which was the aim of all his work and underlies his concept of education.

Against this background, many of the lectures describe a new developmental psychology. On this basis, having established how children’s consciousness develops, Steiner discusses how different subjects should be presented so that individuals can grow and flourish inwardly. Only if the child absorbs the right subject in the right way at the right time can the inner freedom so necessary for life in the modern world become second nature.

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