The Easter Story Book

Collected by Ineke Verschuren

Illustrated by Ronald Heuninck



This collection of over thirty stories, legends and folk tales reflects the season around Easter and early summer. In this season there are also a number of other important religious festivals: Ascension, Whitsun and St. John’s.

Some of the stories, like “St. Veronica,” are placed in the context of the great Easter and Whitsun events. Others, like “The Bargemaster’s Easter,” show the effect of these events on the human heart. For younger children, folk tales from all round the world illustrate at a deeper imaginative level the theme of sacrifice and the triumph of love and loyalty over adversity. The motif of resurrection, in which the character throws off an outer skin and emerges in a new, truer and shining guise, recurs again and again.

This collection is another one of those treasures that can grace your family life for many, many years. Excellent.

  1. This book offers a great collection of stories. Having been a life-long reader of fairy tales, and an English major at one time, I would have thought myself pretty familiar with quite a variety, but I found myself surprised in the scope of tales. This is a book that can grow with your family, with stories appropriate for younger listeners, all the way to adult readers. My personal favorite was the story of Robin Redbreast, in its sweet piety.