The Knitted Farmyard

Hannelore Wernhard



I have had a copy of this little book for over 20 years – and have regretted more than occasionally that it was no longer in print. When I bought mine (for the same price as this new edition!), our oldest daughter had just started first grade and I was part of a craft circle whose members were also mothers at the same school. Everyone just loved the book and soon we all had copies and were knitting away at chickens and pigs and horses. I know that none of us actually finished a whole farmyard, but that all of us still have the little animals we made together and cherish them as reminders of precious times with each other and with our own children.

Anyway, the little farm world that Hannelore Wernhard has created is filled with rich imagination and love. She gives complete instructions for creating all the animals, people, buildings, streams, ponds and fields that make this knitted farm such a treasure. It is a joy to see it spring to life again for new children and the knitters in their lives.