Learn-to-Knit Afghan Book

Barbara G. Walker

Ideal for adults and teens who want to learn to knit, or wish to explore the world of stitch patterns - but beware: knitting these squares can become addictive!


This book caught my eye because I’m someone who doesn’t like to waste time or materials on the sort of projects that are often suggested as ways to learn a craft. It also intrigued me because I had concocted such an afghan way back when I was in high school, and I wanted to see what Barbara Walker’s approach was to the task.

Barbara’s approach is an enticing combination of clear, orderly, progressive instruction and great design. The squares that comprise the afghan, and upon which you will practice your new-found skills, are presented with each one building upon the skills of the one before it. Her sense of design — which she teaches you — results in an afghan which is as lovely to look at as it is warm and cozy to snuggle up in.

By the time you finish the 63rd square, there will be very little you do not know about stitch pattern techniques, finishing techniques, and basic design strategies — and, you will have a snug and beautiful afghan as a bonus.

Very highly recommended. A plus is that the publisher, who also sells great wool yarns, will create a kit for you with the yarns used in the book!