Developing Biodynamic Agriculture

Reflections on Early Research

Adalbert Count Keyserlingk



There is a growing public concern over the safety of the food on our tables. As a result, there is a growing interest in organic farming and gardening. Biodynamic agriculture is an extension of hte organic approach that uses homepathic agricultural preparations to enrich the soil by working in harmony with cosmic and earthly forces.

Biodynamic agriculture was launched by Rudolf Steiner at a conference on the Koberwitz estate in Germany. Adalbert Count Keyserlingk, the son of the hosts, was present, and this book reflects his life-long absorption in biodynamic methods. It presents a wide range ofmaterial, including the count’s personal experiences of Steiner at work, his reflections on practical research and experimentaiton, and descriptions of biodynamic preparations. More than anything else, this book conveys the enthusiasm and the power of initiative that arose from Rudolf Steiner’s work to develop a method of farming that provides nutritious, safe food for the future.

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