Care Group Manual

A Practical Approach

Compiled by Mary Jo Oresti and Rachel Ross

Spiral Bound


When school seeks to assist a “troubled child”, often a Care Group is formed. This group of adults works together to share their expertise on behalf of truly understanding and helping the child or children entrusted to them.

There are now Care Groups in many schools, each with its own mission, reflective of its own community. Care Group Manual – A Practical Approach presents three such groups, their experiences and discoveries. You will find practical ideas, guidelines, processes and some forms you can use in your own work.

To my eye, this is truly a manifestation of Christ’s (Love’s) promise that, “When two or more are gathered, there will I be.”


  • History of Care Groups and the AHE
  • Care Groups Enhance Our Work as Educators
  • The Seven Planetary Qualities in the Care Group Dynamics
  • The Remedial Class in the First Free Waldorf School
  • Introduction to Child Observation and Child Study
  • Thoughts on Child Studies and Care Group Work
  • Child Observation Format
  • Child Study Format
  • Aspects of Child Study Work in Faculty Meetings
  • The College Meeting in Camphill Schools
  • Faculty Meeting Child Study Process
  • Examples of Child Studies from Care Groups
  • Care Group Survey – Finding the Needs
  • Child Study Report Record and Verse
  • Procedure for Initiating a Care Group
  • Remedial Support
  • Care Group Referral Form
  • Educational Resource Support: Six-Week Report
  • Bibliography and Suggested Themes for Care Group Study

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