Crisis Points

Working through personal problems

Julian Sleigh



NOTE: This title is out of print, however we still have a handful of copies available for purchase.

When you are going through a major crisis in your life, you may attempt to help yourself. Other times, the crisis may not be yours, but a friend’s and you may want to help. As a counselor, Julian Sleigh has helped many people get through various crises in their lives and offers some of his best insights in Crisis Points.

In this book, he has distilled his years of experience into a process of twelve steps that help to resolve all sorts of difficult situations. These steps are designed to help us face the facts of our lives and to per­ceive the feelings and emotions that arise from our destiny.

Julian Sleigh (1927-2013) was a Christian Community priest and counselor who worked in South Africa. He is also the author of Friends and Lovers, a sensitive look at the issues surrounding friendship. intimacy and loyalty, and Thirteen to Nineteen, a book for parents with teenagers.

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