The Renewal of Education

Lectures to Public School Teachers in Basil, Switzerland April 20 - May 16, 1920

Rudolf Steiner



Following a lecture requested by the department of education in Basel, Switzerland (published in Spirit of the Waldorf School), sixty members of the audience invited Rudolf Steiner to return and deliver a complete lecture course on his approach to education. This work is the result. Like other lectures by Steiner to public audiences, these are accessible and practical, and they provide a real overview to his ideas for renewing modern education.

This lecture course is newly translated for this series. It covers a broad range of subjects: from the threefold nature of the human being to the teachers’ responsibility toward their students’ future; from arts such as music and eurythmy to the problems involved in training teachers; and from zoology and botany to language, geography, and history.

This is one of my favorite of Steiner’s education courses – all the more so as it was delivered to public school teachers.

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