Soul Economy

Body, Soul, and Spirit in Waldorf Education

Rudolf Steiner


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Steiner begins this important series of lectures by placing Anthroposophy as the foundation for understanding the principles behind Waldorf education. In the talks that follow, he describes an education based on the human being as a continually developing being of body, soul, and spirit. Out of this perspective, Waldorf Education depends on the teacher’s ability to observe and respond to each stage of a child’s development.

Steiner shows how Waldorf education emphasizes the efficient use of children’s inner energies, a method he calls “soul economy,” based on knowledge of the whole human being in body, soul and spirit. He shows us how we can nurture children through their natural stages of development, giving them just what they need at the right time. These detailed and accessible lectures give parents and teachers the keys to a much-needed renewal of education, for our children and their future.

Topics include: health and illness, children from before the seventh year through adolescence, physical education, esthetic education, and religious and moral education.

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