How Children Play

Ingeborg Haller


Ingeborg Haller has a wonderful eye for children – and a heart big enough to really see the worlds that unfold as they play. This little book is a gem, a glass through which we can all look to see the beautiful, health-giving Life that is our children’s play. Although there are many passages of deeply insightful commentary, for the most part we are treated to one description after another of different children at play in ways we will all recognize, despite the fact that most of us have forgotten them. Haller descriptions are especially valuable because she has that rare capacity to keep herself out of them, to simply convey what she sees – and she sees so very much.

The age in which we are now living is one that believes play is a luxury, an unimportant one at that. The portrait that How Children Play paints is a loving antidote to just this malais – and a warm, rejuvenating delight to read.

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