The Temperaments and the Adult-Child Relationship

Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND


In addition to being a wonderfully useful and helpful guidebook for adults seeking to understand and help the children in their care, Kristie Burns’ book is joyous good reading.

She brings to each page a deep understanding that is infused with a happy enthusiasm for children and humanity in general. For her, there seems to be nothing that is quite so interesting as the personality types that are characterized by the four temperaments, and nothing quite so alchemical as what happens when disparate temperaments are brought into the close relationships of adult and child.

The end result for those of us who are lucky enough to read her book is that through her eyes and open heart we are able to learn to love and care for all the temperaments, and to come to understand at a very non-trivial level how we can help children use the temperament they have to develop into the adults they long to become.

I can’t imagine a classroom or home that won’t be better for working with the material Kristie offers (which includes stories for each temperament, too – like getting dessert after each chapter!).


  • The Temperaments
  • The Relationships of Adult to Child According to Temperament

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