Sticks Across the Chimney

A Story of Denmark

Nora Burglon



When young Siri, Erik, and their widowed mother buy a deserted farm with an ancient Viking grave mound on the land, they have no idea of the challenges and adventures that await them.  First they must use their wits and humor to survive without money, as well as deal with superstitious townspe0ple.  Later they participate in mysterious and exciting events that lead to the opening of the mound and the discovery of unbelievably ancient Viking treasures.

The interweaving of an exciting mystery and the adventures of surviving on the farm with tales of Danish Viking life and lore is irresistible to both children and adults. Brought back for all of us after too many years out of print, this is a book to welcome warmly back into our homes, classrooms and hearts!

Sticks across the Chimney is a wonderful addition to any child’s library and an exceptional book to offer 4th graders during the Nordic myths blocks of the Waldorf curriculum.

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