Making Math Meaningful: A 6th Grade Student’s Workbook

Jamie York


Hands-on practice sheets that engage both student and teacher as they help guide the student through the essentials of 6th grade math. A long-awaited boon to classroom and homeschool teachers!

Topics covered in this 6th grade student’s workbook:

  • The review topics from previous years are multiplication, short and long division, fractions, decimals, measurement, unit cost, factors, and estimating.
  • The new topics for sixth grade are casting out nines, exponents (powers), square roots, divisibility, formulas, the metric system, converting decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals, angle measure, percents, mean/median/mode, pie charts, line graphs, area and perimeter, business math (discount, profit, etc.), ratios, rates (speed, wages), exchange rate, and complex fractions.
  • Mental math. York strongly believe that it is as important as ever for children to develop the ability to do calculations in their head. Each worksheet therefore begins with a section on mental math, focusing on four areas (each one of which is listed and described in A Middle School Math Curriculum) : Multiplication facts, with selected facts from the 13 through 18 tables, and the 25’s table (i.e. 15·5=75);
  • Powers with base 2 through 5 (i.e. 34 = 81);
  • Fraction to decimal conversions (3/8 = 0.375);
  • Math tricks, as described in A Middle School Math Curriculum, Appendix B.

Also available:

59 pages, 8 1/2″ x 11″

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