Making Math Meaningful

A Scource Book for Teaching Math in Grades One through Five

Nettie Fabrie, Wim Gottenbos, and Jamie York

Softbound, large format


This newest contribution to the math teacher’s paintbox has been in the making for at least three years, and longed for by elementary school teachers for decades before that. At last, it is here and it is just what the math teacher, whether in the class or at home, ordered.

This newly released Making Math Meaningful® A Source Book for Teaching Math in Grades One Through Five continues with the same meticulous detail as all the middle school math series. The major concepts contained in the lower grades book are:

  • Principles of Waldorf Education
  • Working with “struggling” students
  • Will our children be prepared?
  • Golden rules for teaching math
  • Topics in the math classroom
  • Ideas for manipulatives, movement, main lesson books, etc.
  • The art of teaching math

What makes this book different from other math books for Waldorf teachers?

  • Detailed curriculum guidelines for first through fifth grade.
  • Overview of child development in each grade.
  • Specific ideas for every math main lesson.
  • Step-by-step progressions for learning the arithmetic facts, times table, basic addition, and subtraction, long multiplication and long division, etc.
  • General ideas and suggestions for teaching math successfully in the lower grades.

This is a book that everyone, experts and novice teachers alike, will love – and the best part is that your students will benefit from your teaching in powerful and joyous ways.

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