The Last Little Cat

Meindert DeJong

Drawings by Jim McMullan

Softbound - sweet illustrations


Meindert DeJong, a Newbery Award-winning author, published The Last Little Cat nearly four decades ago. Now it is back in print to delight us all.

The last little cat was born in a kennel, surrounded by dogs and dog cages and dog noises. The little cat was always half cold and half hungry – until the day it fell into the cage of hte old, blind dog.

Then, for a while, the last little cat was warm, and the last little cat was well fed. But how could such a small cat know that the barn doors are closed at night and that there are people in the world who do not want to help a helpless kitten?

This story of how the last little cat found a home, not just any home but a perfect home, is one that any child will love. It can serve as an early “long book” reader (late 2nd grade, or thereabouts, depending on ability) or a warm and loving “read-to-me” (age 4 and up). A true book for the heart.

Grades 2-4.

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