The Gate Swings In

A Story of Sweden

Nora Burglon



The Gate Swings In is a lovely companion to Burglon’s Sticks Across the Chimney. I love the ruggedness and ingenuity of the characters in this story – there is a warm self-discipline and love of the land that shines through the story in evocative, inspiring ways that are sure to move young hearts in wholesome directions.

The central character is Minda, an inspiring young heroine. Together with her intelligent, crafty goat, she goes out to earn enough money for her winter schooling. Throughout her efforts, she has frequent talks with a wise Tomte (Swedish farm elf/gnome – see The Tomten and The Tomten and the Fox) and shows herself to have the fortitude to move ahead in the midst of all kinds of struggles and hardships. At each turn, friendship and love of the land and animals open paths and inspire new directions.

Very highly recommended – especially good in conjunction with the Waldorf Grade 4 curriculum, but wonderful for children of all ages at other times, too.

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