Making Math Meaningful: Fun with Puzzles, Games, and More!, 3rd Edition

Randy Evans, Mick Follari and Jamie York



From my perspective as a bookseller, awaiting this book has been a lot like going on a long car trip with the children in the back seat: “Are we there yet?” became “Do you know when the math puzzle book will be ready?” I didn’t, but I can tell you that we are as delighted as can be that it is now available.

And, what a happy treat it is! Each game, puzzle or problem is loaded with humor, interest and, most important, fun. If your math lessons are getting a bit morose, reach into this little treasure chest of good things and pull out some relief. Your students will never know what hit them: they’ll be so busy laughing and cheering that they won’t have any idea about how much they learned.

But learn they will. And smile. And enjoy.

Thanks to all the authors for making this possible.

174 pages, 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″

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