Sunflower Houses

Garden Discoveries for Children of All Ages

Sharon Lovejoy


“Once you care about gardens, birds, bugs, and flowers,” says author Sharon Lovejoy, “you will never have a boring day. Even the tiniest experience can seem like a miracle.” As if this weren’t reason enough to introduce children to the burgeoning life of a garden, Lovejoy has given us a book (actually, two books – you’ll want to see her Hollyhock Days also) packed with all manner of simple pleasures and treats. Make clover chains, maple seed spectles, firefly lanterns. Have you ever checked your watch when the Four O’Clocks bloomed? Made a teepee from runner beans, morning glories or sunflowers? Hundreds more delights and diversions are gathered together in this book which will make gardening a joyous adventure for the young and the young-at-heart.

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