The Organic Lawn Care Manual

A Natural, Low-Maintenance System for a Beautiful, Safe Lawn

Paul Tukey



Make your lawn a place where you’re happy to see your children play! I am so impressed with Paul Tukey’s beautiful book – it really does give simple and effective guidance for creating a child-friendly, pet-friendly, bird- and planet-friendly lawn. Many of the methods he mentions are one’s we’ve used in different places and at different times – we can vouch for their effectiveness. Many others are new to us, but are so logically straightforward that we don’t doubt for a minute they will work.

A real plus for those whose lives have them moving from place to place is that Tukey offers instructions, ideas and suggestions for different locales – everything from grass type to weeding strategies is related to basic climate and soil types found throughout North America. This is an outstanding contribution to our understanding of organic methods.

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