The Earth Moved

On the Remarkable Acheivements of Earthworms

Amy Stewart



The most important lesson that gardening has taught both Bob and myself (separately and at different times and places) is that the only way to create vibrant, healthy soil is to make a good environment for earthworms. Everything else is theory – some of it good, even brilliant theory, but theory nonetheless. Earthworms are fact, and an ever-increasing population of earthworms in your garden is the only sure sign that fertility and vitality are increasing. Amy Stewart’s book tells us why this is so as she sings the praises of those simple creatures who are perhaps the most helpful beings on our dear planet.

In witty, offbeat style, Amy Stewart takes us on a subterranean adventure and introduces us to our planet’s most important gatekeeper: the humble earthworm. It’s true that the earthworm is small, spineless, and blind, but its effect on the ecosystem is profound, moving Charles Darwin to devote his last years to studying its remarkable attributes and achievements.

With the august scientist as her inspiration, Stewart investigates the earthworm’s astonishing realm, talks to oligochaetologists who have devoted their lives to unearthing the complex web of life beneath our feet, and observes the thousands of worms in her own garden.

If you don’t already love earthworms, after reading The Earth Moved, you’ll not only discover a new-found warmth in your heart for these little creatures, but find that every time you see one, a desire to help it along its way will arise. And, as you’ll by then know, there’s no better way to help the Earth than by helping earthworms get on with their lives.

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