Multiculturalism in Waldorf Education

The Waldorf Multiculturalism Committee

Softbound pamphlet


This jam-packed little booklet offers more richness per page than many books ten times its size. In it are articles about the concept of multiculturalism in a Waldorf context, fairy tales from around the world, kindergarten marionette plays, considerations for Waldorf in the public sector, a resource list of multicultural picture books and bibliography.

  1. I would like to know which volume/s of this series you have available. I have 1 and 3, and am looking for 2 (and any others that are in print).
    Thank you!


    1. There is only the single volume, which was originally sold as Issue 3 of the Wecan Journal, Gateways. It was never a series in terms of the topic of Multiculturalism. We do have all issues of Gateways currently avialable, however.