The Gateways Series: Mentoring in Waldorf Early Childhood Educaton

Compiled from the workof the WECAN Mentoring Task Force

Spiral Bound


When I first saw the title of this book, I confess I expected some fairly dry essays as its content. I am delighted to report that the articles it contains are warm, lively, beautifully and deeply considered and come from a rich selection of those who have mentored in many different settings. In short, if mentoring is something you or your school is ready to explore, you couldn’t find a better guide than this one.


  • Self-Education as the Basis for the Art of Mentoring
  • The Role of Mentoring Early Childhood Teachers and Caregivers: Context and Purpose
  • Laying the Bass for the Mentoring Visit
  • The Essentials of Waldorf Early Childhood Education
  • The Mentoring Observation: What Do We Look For?
  • The Art of Fruitful conversation
  • Pearls of Wisdom: The Role of Advice in Mentoring

Accountability: Written Records

Meeting at the Eye of the Needle: Mentoring on the Path of Adult Learning

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