Meeting the Needs of the Child Today

Edited by Nancy Blanning

Lectures from the 2008 International Waldorf Early Childhood Conference - Wilton, New Hampshire

Lectures by Michaela Glöckler, Johanna Steegmans, Renate Long-Breipohl


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Gathered together in this one volume are the lectures from the 2008 International Conference dedicated to what is perhaps the broadest and at the same time most pressing question held by all who care for children, especially young children: How do we meet the needs of children in an age whose mores and realities seem to sidestep those needs altogether?

Needless to say, the lectures recorded in this small book offer help, insight and much that is inspiring. We believe this little book can go a long way to furthering the needs of children everywhere.


  • Foreword – Nancy Blanning
  • The Archetypal Roots of Waldorf Education – Michaela Glöckler
  • The Developing Child: Lecture One – Johanna Steegmans
  • The Developing Child: Lecure Two – Johanna Steegmans
  • The Developing Adult: Lecture One – Renate Long-Breipohl
  • The Developing Adult: Lecture Two – Renate Long-Breipohl
  • Biographical Notes on the Lecturers

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