Gateways – Spring/Summer 2007 – Issue 52



  • Letter from the Editor
  • The World of the Young Child
    • On the Seahore of Worlds by Sally Jenkinson
    • The Is the Way We Bake Our Bread . . .” A Note about Work Songs by Nancy Foster
  • Supporting the Adults
    • Meetings with Parents on the Topic of Discipline by Louise DeForest
    • A Summer Festival in the Parent-child Class by Nancy Foster
    • The Inner Life and Work of the Teacher by Margaret Duberley
    • The Art of Fruitful Conversation by Carol Nasr Griset and Kim Raymond
  • Research
    • Shingebiss Redeemed by Stephen Spitalny
    • Meeting the Needs of the Times by Cynthia K. Aldinger
    • Educating the Feeling-will in the Kindergarten by Michael Howard
  • Conferences
    • Connections with the Pikler Institute by Susan Weber and Vanessa Kohlhaas
    • The Power of Touch by Joan Almon
    • Meeting Each Other: The Human Encounter by Dr. Heinz Zimmerman
  • Announcements
  • Calendar of Events

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