Colour Dynamics

Workbook for watercolour painting and colour therapy

Angela Lord


Beautifully and clearly presented with hundreds of color illustrations and photos


Way back in the day, when our own children were first embarking on their Waldorf journey, I longed to be able to learn how to use watercolor paints and discover the wonders of color itself through them. Unfortunately for me, there was no possibility of my taking time out from our home and children to attend art classes and absolutely nothing was in print that could serve as a tutor at home. From what we’ve heard over the years, many of you have felt the same way — and those of you who’ve written to ask know how reluctantly we’ve answered that what they are looking for really didn’t exist.

It is with both relief and joy that we can announce the arrival of Colour Dynamics, the first really complete, beautifully and clearly illustrated, step-by-step workbook for discovering the life and mysteries of color on one’s own. For me, it is a dream come true: a thorough tutorial that anyone can use as the foundation for a lifetime of color exploration through the medium of watercolor.

Of course, Colour Dynamics‘ usefulness extends well beyond parents at home: teachers and therapists will find it both refreshing and deepening; teenagers may well develop a passion for color through it, too. This book has truly raised the bar for artistic instruction as available through the printed page. Both the publisher and the author are due whatever accolades come their way as a result of this wonderful text.

In the case of this book, the journey of a thousand paintings can begin with a single stroke of your brush. It is wonderful!

Highly recommended for adults and teenagers.


  • Introduction
    • Materials
    • Techniques (for both wet-on-wet and veiled painting)
  • Part One
    • Exploring Colours
    • Painting the Rainbow
    • Combining Colours
  • Part Two
    • Complementary Colours
    • After-images
    • Painting with Complementary Colours
    • Why do Colours Clash?
  • Part Three
    • The Colour Circle
    • Enhancing Colours
    • The Polarity of Red and Blue – A New Colour Circle
  • Part Four
    • Sunrises, Sunsets: The Interplay of Light and Darkness
    • Sunrises and Sunsets as Achetypes: Painting Out of Colour
    • Colour Dynamics: A New Language of Colour
  • Part Five
    • Colour Through History: A Brief Overview
    • Colour Now: Ways to Use this Book
  • About the Author
  • Glossary
  • Appendix
  • Quotations and References
  • Credits and Illustrations
  • Suggestions for Further Reading

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