Gateways – Spring/Summer 2002 – Issue 42



Focus on Conferences and Reports:

  • Children at Risk: Perceiving and Meeting the Needs of Today’s Children – Dr. Michaela Glöckler
  • Characterizing and Balancing Polarities – Stephen Spitalny
  • The International Working Group for the Child from Birth to Three – Susan Weber
  • Lifeways Child Care: Stories from Home – Cynthia Aldinger


  • Meeting the Six Year Old – Barbara Klocek
  • The Questions of a Small Child – Martin Tittman
  • The Puppet Show – Rena Osmer
  • The Story of the Mountain Pears: A Japanese Tale – Janet Kellman
  • On Obedience: An Open Letter to Kindergarten Colleagues – Bill Roberson
  • A Parent Evening in REsponse to September 11 – Andree Ward
  • Statement on Children and the Media – Hawthorne Valley School
  • Review of Ready to Learn: From Birth to School Readiness – Stephen Spitalny

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