Gateways – Fall/Winter 1999 – Issue 37



Focus on Working with Children:

  • A Visit to RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) – Susan Weber and Rena Osmer
  • An Interview with Helle Heckmann at Nokken – Roberta Ducharme
  • The Children’s Oasis – Christiane Maria von Königslöw
  • Stirring the Bubbling Pot – Leanne Moraes
  • A Play, The King of the Waves – Jannah Walker
  • A Winter Hand Gesture Game – Paulene Hanna
  • From the Children: “You know, we are like gold.”


  • Threshold Experiences of Children and Adults – Helmut von Kügelgen
  • The Practice of Child Observation – Heiner Priess
  • Waldorf Education in Vietnam: A Beginning – Thanh Cherry
  • Waldorf Initiatives for Young Children in South Africa – Truus Gerats
  • Helping Initiatives Around the World
  • Book Reviews

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