A Day Full of Song

Work Songs from a Waldorf Kindergarten

Karen Lonsky

42 Original Songs in the Mood of the Fifth

Illustrated by Victoria Sander



Now in softcover instead of saddle-stitched! See: A Day Full of Song.

This is how we knead our bread,
Push and pat, push and pat!
Roll it up and start again,
Push and pat, push and pat,

– from A Day Full of Song by Karen Lonsky

So many people have asked for more songs in the mood of the fifth* to share with young children. It is a joy to be able to announce this beautiful little book that is just what parents and teachers have been wanting – a beautiful way to carry children through the day and introduce them to the world where we do things to make life better for all. Just browsing through these songs is inspiring and joyous.

Please do share these songs with all the young ones in your care – they speak of a love of the earth at every turn.

*”The Mood of the Fifth” describes a type of pentatonic music, usually centered around A above middle C, which is light and delicate sounding, just right for very young children.

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