Clear the Clutter

Make Space for Your Life

Inge van der Ploeg



This is the most unified course on clearing clutter that I have seen – and the only one that creates a setting for conscious self-development as you go. I strongly recommend reading it and working with it — the outcomes are like a fresh spring breeze!

Inge van der Ploeg is a master at creating space in ways that enable human beings to really live. She has worked with clients both public and private for many years in Holland, and both her experience and her study have deepened her own awareness of the significance of how we arrange our surroundings.

There are several things that make her book a unique and powerful contribution to what I will loosely call the burgeoning field of clutter clearing.

First, she has incorporated, considered and really understood many other authors on the subject, including Karen Kingston who I consider to be among the most valuable.

She has also studied what Rudolf Steiner had to say about the nature of the human being and brings this to bear when discussing how we create our surroundings out of ourselves and how our surroundings can impact our physical, mental and emotional health.

Finally, she has devised a unique set of exercises designed to awaken us and strengthen our capacity to take action in our own homes and offices.

Very highly recommended!

  1. Inge van der Ploeg offers something unique in the arena of clutter books. She offers exercises that help you to cut right to the core of where your problem areas are in your house without taking 400 pages to do it, or using an overly familiar style. If you, like me, have a life-long relationship with clutter, you have picked up a book or ten promising to help you get organized. One thing that is often so off-putting to me about these books is the author’s tendency to “talk” to me like a cheerleader, which I personally find unappealing. In contrast, this author offers all of the good thinking, while feeling professional and capable, and using a friendly voice (without any “go-girl” kind of talk).

    This work pulls together practical experience, with exercises that you can visualize with homework to follow, and personal experiences all along the way. Highly recommended.