You’re Not the Boss of Me!

Understanding the Six/Seven-Year-Old Transformation

Ruth Ker, Editor

Spiral Bound


There are few parents and, I think, no kindergarten teachers who have not heard the title of this book shouted at them in fury by children between five and seven years old. In fact, some of us can remember, however dimly, our own frustrated rage as we ourselves shouted these words when we were that age. Perhaps there’s something on the human genome that over the millenia has imprinted “You’re not the boss of me!” as the iconic phrase human beings must utter before leaving their infancy behind.

Of course, in the face of this imperative resistance, we adult teachers and parents are often left perplexed and frustrated ourselves. When the subject was raised at a WECAN conference, it was joined with such acclamation that a work group was formed to explore the phenomenon and ways of helping children move positively across this threshold.

The result is You’re Not the Boss of Me! – a collection of articles and excerpts by kindergarten teachers, sensory integration experts, and medical doctors. It is wonderful! Teachers in schools and home schools will find so much to help them meet the needs of the six-to-seven-year-olds as they also find ways to take joy in those children who stand at this threshold. Parents can gain new understanding and lots and lots of friendly help and highly useful advice.

Thank you to the WECAN work group for bringing us such a needed book!!

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