The Gateways Series: Working with the Angels

The Young Child and the Spiritual World

Compiled from articles published in the Newsletter of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association



Working with the Angels is clearly the result of intense, deep, sustained love: the love of each article’s author for children and the world; the love of those responsible for publishing each article in its turn over the years; the love of the current editors in gathering all these remarkable insights and experiences together in one place; and, of course, the love of the angels for us.

This is a collection that is almost palpably alive with love and with love’s possibilities. And with that, I’m going to let the contents speak for themselves:

Working with the Angels

  • Working with the Angels, Archangels and Archai – Helmut von Kügelgen
  • Conversation about Angels and Human Beings – Helmut von Kügelgen
  • Finding a Connection to the World of the Angels – Helmut von Kügelgen
  • The Meaning of Angels in Education and Self-Education – Michaela Glöckler, M.D.

The Destiny of the Child in Our Times

  • Working with the Karma of the Young Child – Margaret Meyerkort
  • Walking and the Incarnation of Destiny – Joan Almon
  • Continuing the Work of the Hierarchies – Werner Glas
  • Early Childhood and the Consciousness Soul – Joan Almon
  • Threshold Experiences of Children and Adults – Helmut von Kügelgen
  • Religion of the Young Child – Elizabeth Moore-Haas

The Gateway of Birth – the Sistine Madonna

  • Raphael’s Sistine Madonna – Is It Approriate in the Kindergarten? – René Querido
  • The Sistine Madonna in the Waldorf Kindergarten – Joan Almon
  • The Sistine Madonna – Symbol of the Eternal in Humanity – Rudolf Steiner

The Gateway of Death – Working with Death in the Kindergarten

  • After-Death Care in the Home – Beth Knox
  • Helping Children in a Time of Trouble – Nancy Foster
  • Helping Our Children and Loved Ones at the Threshold of Death – Nancy Jewel Poer
  • A Festival for a Threshold Crossing – Patricia Owens
  • Birth into the spiritual World – Nancy Blanning
  • A Story for Mia – Louise de Forest
  • Grandma’s Dream – Sheila Rubin
  • For Anastasia and Her Dear Grandmother – Cynthia Aldinger

The Inner Path

  • Self-Development as a Basis for the Relationship Between the Child and the Adult – Michaela Glöckler, M.D.
  • Through the Eye of the Needle – Felicitas Vogt
  • The Path of Inner Schooling – Jorgen Smit
  • The Spiritual Foundations of Waldorf Education – Michaela Glöckler, M.D.

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