You Are Your Child’s First Teacher – 2nd Edition

What parents can do with and for their children from birth to age six

Rahima Baldwin

Third Edition



Out of Print. Replaced by You Are Your Child’s First Teacher – 3rd Edition

This book beautifully covers just about everything I remember experiencing as the mother of three young children. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have this book to help balance my perspective and offer one creative suggestion after another. If you feel somewhat alone and maybe a bit confused about how to sensitively raise your children, I really think Rahima’s insights will help you find your own positive direction. It would be wonderful if we all arrived at parenthood knowing everything we need to know, but many of us do not – that’s why this book is such a gem.

Rahmina warns abainst rushing children through childhood. She advocates a ‘slow parenting’ revolution which will allow children to develop at their own pace, and crucially, will help parents discover confidence in their own ability to parent and enjoy the magical first years of raising a child.

“Our children need us for the heart connection, but they don’t need constant adult input and intellectual stimulation,” she says. “Allowing children to be children today means recognising their need for creative play, which is the wor of childhood.”

Rahima’s practical, down-to-earth advice will help parents to:

  • understand their child’s unique personal, mental, soul and physical needs at each stage of development
  • nourish their child’s imagination with simple, homemade toys and materials from the garden and kitchen cupboard
  • enjoy storytelling, arts, crafts and musical activities with their child
  • create their own family rituals to ease the daily routine
  • use imitation, repetition and setting limits to promote positive discipline
  • value their own ability to understand and care for their child

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