The Sustainable Vegetable Garden

A Backyard Guide to Healthy Soil and Higher Yields

John Jeavons and Carol Cox



From the author of the widely beloved How to Grow More Vegetables comes this concise and more focused introduction to biointensive gardening that shows it is not only possible but easy to grow astonishing crops of healthful organic vegetables and fruits, while conserving resources and actually helping the soil.

The Sustainable Vegetable Garden presents the basic principles of this gardening classic in concise, easy-to-understand terms accessible to even a beginning backyard gardener. You’ll learn to view your garden as its own mini-ecosystem and to foster the soil’s life-giving cycles of nourishment and replenishment. By using these Biointensive techniques and working in concert with the cycles of nature, you’ll soon produce yields up to four times greater than are possible with conventional methods, and in a fraction of the space! More importantly, you’ll be preserving and enriching for future generations one of our most precious resources: the soil itself. With this book at your side, you’ll be part of the ecological solution, for sure!

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