Auragole and the Last Battle

Book Four of the Auragole Quartet

Shirley Latessa


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The Last Battle has begun — and it’s outcome hinges on Auragole’s choice; and upon Auragole’s wisdom.

After the dizzying opulance of Mattlemead, followed by a dance of reversals and recoveries of astonishing order, Auragole comes again to Agavi. It is there his heart calls him, there he wants to be. But amid the battle preparations he soon discovers that even knowing what his heart wants is not enough — not enough to know what to do, where to go, how to respond. Not enough to be sure. And the whole world waits upon his deed.

* * *

Shirley Latessa’s final novel of The Auragole Quartet brings us to a seat-of-your-chair ending, one that will keep you turning pages right through to the remarkable ending. Having followed Auragole’s entire journey, I have to take my hat off to Shirley — she has told a great story that in many ways we all live, asked all the questions we ask and then some, and brought her characters to a truly heroic finish, the measure of which I don’t think any reader will guess before the end. This is wonderful reading — and a tale told from a vista seldom revealed in literature.

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