Towards Freedom in Singing

Dina Soresi Winter and Theodora Richards

Softbound Booklet


This booklet has been a welcome guide and companion for teachers and others wanting to train their voice for better tone and expression. The authors are both experienced as singers and teachers of singing and write from their hearts to the heart of the reader. This is one of those rare books on singing that is valuable equally for the professional performer and the individual still struggling to achieve reliable pitch.


  • Introduction
  • Spiritual Aspects of Singing – Dina Soresi Winter
  • The Singer as Instrument – Theodora Richards
  • Toward Freedom and Joy in Singing – Dina Soresi Winter
    • Breathing, Coordination, Tone
    • A Journey
    • Fear of Singing
    • Singing Off Pitch
    • Rudolf Steiner and Singing
    • Singing with Children
    • Is Singing for Everyone?
  • Notes

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