Teaching Practical Activities

Farming, Gardening, Housebuilding for ages 9 and 10

Roy Wilkinson

Stapled booklet


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Nine- and ten-year-olds are at a stage where they feel suddenly separated from the greater world of nature. They may feel exhilarated by this fresh breath of independence, but also a bit lost as the natural world which they previously felt at one with becomes more distant to them.

One of the ways Waldorf education meets this developmental change is by introducing practical activities, ways in which we humans, now distant from nature, can nonetheless befriend and work with the natural world.

Wilkinson does a lovely job of gifting the teacher or parent with everything needed to sustain the newly-independent 3rd or 4th grader. He includes poetry and prayers that in older days people used to keep themselves at home in the world yet connected to heaven. And of course, he also shows you how to teach the basics of the subjects at hand.

This is one of his warmest books.


  • Introduction
  • The Plowman’s Charm
  • Väinämöinen’s Sowing
  • Farming and Gardening
  • Healthy Soil or the Story of Willy the Worm
  • Cultivating Soil
  • Types of Soil
  • Manuring
  • Tools
  • Sunnyside Farm
  • A Diversion
  • The Year on the Farm
  • Housebuilding
  • Bricks
  • Timber
  • Glass
  • Concrete and Mortar
  • Pipes and Wires
  • Furnishings and Equipment
  • Bibliography

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