Teaching History – Volume 1

Ancient Civilizations - Greece - Rome

Roy Wilkinson


The History curriculum for 5th and 6th grades in a Waldorf school follows the thread of development of the post-Atlantean cultures through Ancient India, Persia, Egypt and Chaldea, Greece and Rome. This provides a picture of the changing human consciousness from ancient clairvoyance to the loss of spiritual vision and, with it, the awakening of independent awareness and materialism. Wilkinson guides the teacher to a deeper understanding of the spiritual significance of mythologies and great epics, and shows how the ancient world points the way to the future.

Contents include:

  • Ancient India – The Ramayana, Krishna, Buddha
  • Ancient Persia – Zarathustra
  • Egypt and Babylon – Isis and Osiris, Gilgamesh
  • Greece – The Illiad, Theseus, Demeter and Persephone, The Odyssey, The Argonauts, Hercules, Prometheus, City-states, Biographies
  • Rome – Political development, Development of Christianity, Conquests and collapse, Biographies

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