A Christian Book of the Dead

Accompanying their journey after death

Margarete van den Brink and Hans Stolp



NOTE: This book is currently out of print. We’re working to see about finding a replacement. We’ll update this space when we find something!

Use this book as an encouragement to take a new step on your journey into the sphere of the spirit·the soul·s true home. Your friends who are already there will help you.

· Russell Evans, author of Helping Children to Overcome Fear

What happens to us after death? What paths open up? How do we stay connected or even help our loved ones who have died? Answers to these questions can be found in Eastern religions, but surprisingly also in the Christian tradition! In fact, such answers were prevalent in original Christianity, but were gradully ignored by the Church and lost.

With the help of ·near-death· experiences, understanding of biblical texts, and Christ·s activity in life after death, the reader·s attention is focused again on the views of this esoteric Christianity.

The authors ask:

  • What are the seven steps into Light?
  • What are the tasks and gifts of each step?
  • How does Christ·s love sustain the dead as they experience the previous life and prepare for the next?
  • What uplifting insights are offered by the Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, and Gnostic texts?
  • How can the living help or hinder the dead?
  • How do loved ones try to help you?
  • Why is the love and wisdom gained in life so important?

This is an invaluable guide to understanding the Christian view of what happens after death and how to stay connected with our loved ones who have died.

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