Soul Calendar and the Lemniscate

Essays and a New Translation

Barbara Betteridge



Barbara Betteridge devoted much of her life to an exploration of Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul in relationship to a lemniscatory understanding of the cycle of the year. It was our privilege to know Barbara during much of this time, and to work with her in small ways as she translated the Soul Calendar into English.

I can’t begin to tell how important her resetting of the verses of the Soul Calender as four points on the yearly lemniscate has become to me over the years. From my perspective, it was one of the most eye- and heart-opening revelations of life’s journey. Rather than working with polar counterpoint, as in the setting of the Pusch translation, Barbara’s perspective reveals each verse (each week of the experienced year) as one of four posts supporting a living aspect of the cycle of the year.

It is with a wonderful thing to see her work in print and to be able to share it with you. May you find what I found here.

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