Seeking Spirit Vision

Essays on Developing Imagination

Dennis Klocek



Seeking Spirit Vision, if you are willing to take it up and work with it, will change your life, as much perhaps as the most significant person you have ever met did. This book, if you wish, can become a lifetime friend – a very wise friend.

– Robert Sardello, Ph.D.
The School of Spiritual Psychology

Dennis Klocek has always had a remarkable ability to bring together seemingly disparate bits of knowledge, observation, experience and alchemically transform them into golden nuggets of insight, lights along pathways formerly unseen. Seeking Spirit Vision brings together in writing and in one volume the fruits of Klocek’s lifetime of pathfinding, of his quest to make manifest that the many dispersed spiritual streams, science. and art are, in fact, shimmering aspects of a truly unified Reality. This book is simply golden.

In it you will find bits of spiritual history, explanations of the nature of experiences both esoteric and mundane, and especially an overflowing abundance of exercises — explained more clearly than any others I have encountered — which, over time, can heal the human body, soul and spirit toward clear vision.

Seeking Spirit Vision can truly become a lifetime companion and lead you to a personal experience of the varieties of wonder and spirit our universe holds in store for us.

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