Choices of Love

Dorothy Maclean


I put off posting this book in our Book Shop, not because I didn’t like it, but because it touched my heart so deeply that I have had trouble finding the words to convey what lies between its covers. What Dorothy Maclean has poured into Choices of Love is nothing less than a mirror reflecting the burgeoning Love that overflows the Earth and can be seen anywhere one chooses to look for it. She has also shared exercises and attitudes that we can use to develop our capacity to see, hear and feel this Love as she is able to do. My experience of working my way through Choices of Love was multifaceted – I received gift upon gift of beauty, found door after door opening to me, was graced with epiphany upon epiphany, and finally found myself dropping chain after chain, able to embrace and be embraced by the Love which sustains all Creation. May you experience it likewise.

Dorothy Maclean is a cofounder of the Findhorn Community in Scotland and author of To Hear the Angels Sing [available in the Nature section].

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