Music for Young Children in the Mood of the Fifth

Julius Knierim

Translated by Peter and Karen Klaveness



Quintenlieder has been for many years a treasured resource for all who want to share the joy of music with young children.

Julius Knierim has gathered children’s rhymes from throughout Europe and, by way of showing us all how to do it, set them to lilting and lovely songs written in the mood of the fifth. He has also taken the time to explain to those of us not well-educated musically just what makes a pentatonic song one that is “in the mood of the fifth” (“Old Man River”, for instance, is written in a pentatonic scale, but is hardly in the mood of the fifth).

Further, he shows graphically how to keep the notes of a song you create in the mood of the fifth – I am not at all a musician, yet found myself easily inventing song-like melodies that floated through the air. It was fun, too!

If children ages 9 and under are in your life or your classroom, you’ll want to use this book. There are wonderful things to be learned and beautiful songs to sing!

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