Making Picture Books with Movable Figures

Brunhild Müller



What a treat this little book is! Brunhild Müller shows parents and teachers how to create their own books with moving figures, the sort of book children delight in and Rudolf Steiner said were among the books that most captivated him when he was a child.

Making Picture Books with Movable Figures

Making Picture Books with Movable Figures

The joy felt by a child that someone he/she loves has created a book just for him or her cannot be overstated. My most treasured possession from my own childhood is a simple little book bound in a report folder and written and illustrated on typing paper. My mother wrote and illustrated it for me: a sweet story about me and all my stuffed animal friends. To me, it is beautiful beyond belief – and is the sort of book you can create using Brunhild’s dear little book. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow, her ideas for stories are inspiring, and the book is complete with full color examples of real pages created in this way.

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